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I divide all recordings into two groups.  Into the first group, Commercial Recordings, I classify any media that was professionally produced and sold commercially.  Commercial recordings are governed by copyright laws.

Personal and Family Recordings represent the second group.  Home-made records or tapes, recordings made in a do-it-yourself sound booth, military recordings made by the Red Cross or USO, and any other media not professionally produced and sold commercially comprise this group. Generally, these recordings are not subject to copyright laws.


For production and pricing purposes, I separate commercial recordings into two types.  Those two types are broken down below.  Click the appropriate heading below for your recording.

Standard Single Recordings

   33 1/3 records

 Cassette Tapes

  8 track Tapes  

 Reel to Reel Tapes 


 Standard Multiple Recordings

  45 records

  78 records





DLF Music Transfer transfers records, tapes and other audio/music for your own personal use.  Reproduction or Copying of CD's made from commercial recordings is NOT legal !!!!


Personal recordings could be home-made, recording booth, military service, high school and college recordings among others. These recordings have too many possibilities for me to give you guaranteed pricing without talking to you first. For general information and pricing click on the type of recording you wish to have turned into a cd.


               33 1/3 lp records

      78 rpm  Records

      Cassette Tapes

      8-Track Tapes

      Reel-to-Reel Tapes

      16" Transcription Recording 


Anything Else?  Let me know and I'll work on it!



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