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  How will my CD sound?

I explain the sound you will achieve this way.  Play your records right now.  Call that sound a zero.  In comparison, a cd you buy at the store would be a perfect one.  The CD we make you will get at least half-way between the zero and one.  While it is possible we could get as high as 95% on that scale, we most often achieve a result in the area of 85% to 90%.

Sound Cleaning is the computer process I use to remove much of the annoying noise produced during the playing of records. These sounds are grouped into 4 categories -- click, crackle, hiss and noise. A complex computer sound editing program analyzes the wave form created from your original records that becomes your recorded music. The editing program minimizes or eliminates these unpleasant sounds very gently so as not to remove any of the sounds of the music that you want to hear.

Listen yourself and hear how good we are.



  SOUND CLEANING Service Sample


  How will my CD look?

Below are your two options of how your CDs can look.

The Basic option FREE!!!!!!!!!!

(CD Image without Album Artwork)

  If you choose the Deluxe option, I add an image of the record front to the CD!!!!!  

If you do this with a jewel case it adds only one dollar to the cost.

If you do not purchase a jewel case but choose to add the artwork to your CD, it adds three dollars and fifty cents to the cost.

(CD with Album Artwork)

**** NOTE ***** If your release has a large number of tracks/titles (over16 ), you may want to consider the fact that the font size of the titles becomes relatively small when the record artwork is added to the CD image due to the limited amount of room available for printing the song titles. 

  How will my CD Case look?

(CD Case Front and Side Spine)

(CD Case Back)

  Customer Testimonials

"I've spoken to you a few times. I had an album from the 60's produced by Jesuits at my brother's high school.  I received my copies today, and I am just delighted with the reproduction. We are having an 84th birthday party for my mother and I can't wait to give this to her and my brothers. I'm sure they'll be as delighted as I am.  You offer a great service and I am sure I will use you again. Thanks so much for the wonderful reproduction - sound as well as the visual of the case!!"   - Pat Tull


"The quality of your work is first rate (22 records), matched only by your follow up actions to assure customer satisfaction. - Larry Henneberger


"DLF provided exemplary service all the way around. The DLF Music packing materials for mailing my records provided by DLF preserved my records perfectly. There was no chance it would be damaged in transit. I was also extremely pleased with the music quality, and the way that the record cover was duplicated for the CD casing. The turnaround time was very fast also. I had the records and CD back in 10 days. Thanks again!" - Brendan Farragher


“Thank you for the excellent job you did in recording my dad's old Christmas records onto CDs.  The sound quality is unbelievable, especially given the age of the albums.  I didn't realize how bad the records sounded until I listened to the CDs.  My brother, and sister, and I grew up listening to the records on Christmas Eve with my dad, and now we are able to continue that part of our Christmas tradition.  This was such a welcome gift at Christmas for my family.  We will be able to enjoy the CDs for years to come, and no longer have to worry about the fragility of the original records.  Thanks again!” - Rhonda Shanks

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