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Personal Reel to Reel Transfer to CD

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Many factors impact the transfer of reel to reel tapes.


First is the length of the tape – If the tape is more than 80 minutes long it will not fit on one CD.  Reel to Reel transfers are priced per CD produced, not by the number of reels.

Second is the number of tracks into which you wish to have the CD divided.

Third is the consistency/inconsistency of the music/audio that is recorded on the tape.

Fourth is the condition of the tape (i.e. Does the tape have any physical breaks)


For tapes that require no more than one splice, are recorded uniformly (i.e. one speed, one direction, consistent channels), and are 80 minutes or less in length, pricing can be found in the table below.

Number of tracks/titles


1 or 2


3 to 12


13 or more



All reel to reel tape pricing includes sound cleaning.


Reel to reel tapes come in many varieties making it virtually impossible to provide a standard pricing chart.  While many will fall under the criteria priced in the table above, many others will not fit.  So that I can accurately price your reel to reel tape order, please call me to discuss your needs unless you know that your tapes fall into the criteria above.


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