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 Personal Cassettes & 8 track Tapes


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Two major factors impact the transfer of cassette and 8 track tapes.

First is the length of the tape – If the tape is less than 80 minutes long, it will fit on one CD.

Second is the number of tracks into which you wish to have the CD divided.

  Tapes 80 minutes long or less:  Cassettes - Divided into 2 tracks (sides 1&2)  or 8 Tracks - Divided into 4 tracks (tape tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4) - $8.00

  Tapes 80 minutes long or less:  Divided into 12 or fewer tracks - $14.00

  Tapes 80 minutes long or less:  Divided into 13 or more tracks - $19.00

  Tapes longer than 80 minutes:  Cassette - Divided into 2 tracks (sides 1&2)  or 8 Tracks - Divided into 4 tracks (tape tracks 1, 2, 3, and 4) - $16.00 per tape

  Tapes longer than 80 minutes: Divided into 24 or fewer tracks - $28.00 per tape

  Tapes longer than 80 minutes: Divided into 25 or more tracks - $33.00 per tape

  SOUND CLEANING - dehiss, declick, decrackle, denoise.  Useful for removing most of those annoying record sounds - $2.00 per CD  

  Track listing of song titles printed by computer directly on the CD (no CD labels used) FREE!

  Paper/Plastic CD sleeve FREE!

I have found that about 25% of 8 track tapes which have not been played in 10 or more years will need repair for one of a number of reasons. I have aligned myself with a repair service which does a nice job while keeping their cost reasonable. DLF Music charges between $10-$15 for the repair of 8 track tapes and the occasional cassette needing repair.

  CD Case with Album Artwork (I can scan any picture you supply smaller than 12x17) on case front & artist, release name and track listing on back with artist & release name on side spine - $4.50

  Album Artwork added to standard CD face - $1 with CD case / $3.50 without CD case.

  transfer cassette to cd front

(Jewel Case Front and Side Spine)

transfer cassette to cd back

(Jewel Case Back)

transfer cassette to cd artwork

(CD with Album Artwork Added)

transfer cassette to cd image

(Cd Image without Album Artwork)

It is my assumption that the customer has gained a legal copy of cassette sent to DLF Music Transfer.  If you are sending commercially produced audio that has been copied onto the cassette you wish to have transferred, you must have purchased the commercial audio and must retain that original as it holds the copyright you have purchased.  If you did not purchase or have not retained the original recording you have copied onto the cassette you are sending DLF Music, please DO NOT send the cassette for transfer. 

DLF Music transfers cassettes to cd for your own personal use only.

While there are many imperfections that can be overcome, any cassette which is received that is severely damaged or that may damage DLF Music equipment, may be deemed un-recordable in whole (returned without making a CD), or in part.


Please call me for pricing or questions.


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