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How do I Order My Transfer LPS to CD?

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   Click here for PDF Order Form          Click here for Excel Order Form  

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  Printout the order form (pdf and interactive Excel versions links for these are found at the top of the order page)

  Completely fill out the transfer lps to cd order form of your choice

  Package your lps with the order form and payment. Personal checks and money order made out to DLF Music Transferare the preferred forms of payment. If you wish to pay online please use the Paypal link on the order page and include the payment form

  Ship your records and payment to:

DLF Music Transfer

2985 Wilmington Rd..

Lebanon, Ohio 45036

  When I receive your lps, I will email you the USPS tracking number that will be used when your transfer lps to cd order is shipped back to you. If I have any questions about your transfer, I will contact you by phone or email.

  I will process your lps and ship your lps and long lasting, modern CDs back to you via USPS

  You receive and listen to your CD transfer of your lps Remember if you are not 100% completely satisfied with your transfer lps to cd please contact me.



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