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Pricing for Multiple Sets of Commercial 78s

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  Straight transfer of first 78 to CD with premium sound cleaning included   $21.00

  Straight transfer of additional 78s which fit on the same cd - $6.00 each

  Physical Cleaning of 78s before playing FREE!

  Track listing of song titles printed by computer directly on the CD (I don’t use glue on labels.FREE!

  Paper/Plastic CD sleeve FREE!

  CD Case with Album Artwork on case front & artist, release name and track listing on back with artist & release name on side spine - $4.50

  Album Artwork added to standard CD face - $1 with CD case / $3.50 without CD case.


(Jewel Case Front and Side Spine)

(Jewel Case Back)

(CD with Album Artwork Added)

(Cd Image without Album Artwork)

While there are many imperfections that can be overcome, any recordings which are received that are warped, scratched or otherwise defective may result in undesired noises, part or all of a track being skipped and, in rare cases, may be deemed un-recordable (returned without making a CD).

Call for pricing or if you have any questions.


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