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    EZ 4 Pak

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EZ 4 Pak – This includes everything you need to Package and Ship 4 restore records to CD.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!


  Contact DLF Music Transfer and tell me that you are interested in this restore records to cd special.

  Once I know what your restore records to cd needs, I ship to you via USPS everything you need to ship us four records for restore. When I say everything I mean everything – shipping box, packing materials (includes wooden sandwiching boards which protects your records against breaking or warping during shipment) and a prepaid USPS shipping label to send DLF Music Transfer your records.

  You package up your records for delivery by USPS.   

  Next, you can 1. drop your recordings in a USPS drop box typically in the lobby of your post office or 2. give your package to a counter person at your post office or 3. give your package to your mail carrier. 

  DLF Music Transfer receives your recordings and completes the restore records to CD.

  Last you receive via USPS your four original records and the four restore records to  CD transfers to enjoy.

Each CD restore includes sound cleaning, CD case,  and artwork printed on the CD*


All of this, including
all shipping, costs just $130.

Complete description – The CDs will have the song titles listed, artist name, release name and album artwork printed directly on the CD. The CD case will have the album artwork printed on the front cover, song titles listed on the back and artist and release name printed on the side spine.


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